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Trail in Woods

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About Us

Trae and Ali have dreamed of making a home in the Adirondacks since vacationing here as kids.  Little did they know when they met as teenagers in 2014, working as counselors at a nearby YMCA summer camp, that it was the first step on their joint path towards making this dream a reality.  But first they had to figure out they were in love. 

In the meantime, they worked in various roles in Adirondack hospitality, putting down ever deeper roots in Old Forge.  After working, studying and falling for each other in Ithaca, NY for two years, they took both plunges … moving back to the Adirondacks to continue their lives here together. Trae’s background is in recreation, camping and aquatics, while Ali’s passions are historic preservation and architectural history.  They are thrilled to be writing the next chapter in the rich history of the Blue Spruce Motel – an Adirondack stay since 1965.  

Their dog Ivy loves to hike in the snow, play fetch, and prompt outdoor fun of any kind.  She looks forward to welcoming guests and holding court.   

We can't wait to see you at the Blue Spruce Motel!  Give us a call or book online, and keep an eye on our social media accounts for the latest news and updates!

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